Low Emission Burners

The combustion experts at Faber have you covered!  Faber low emission burners are designed to meet your specific NOx, CO, VOC and particulate limit levels.  Emissions guarantees are contractual obligations that put the responsibility of achieving emissions on the manufacturer. At Faber, we don’t take emissions guarantees lightly. We approach every emissions guarantee in a conservative, realistic, and practical manner. Every project is unique. We listen to the needs of the customer, evaluate the application, and identify the best emission reduction technology for the project. We make a commitment to our customers and ensure the project’s emission requirements are met.

We pride ourselves in being pioneers of low NOx technology, having provided some of the industry’s very first low NOx package burners in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Entering the low NOx market at the beginning put Faber at the forefront of discovery and innovation. Through extensive testing and R&D we discovered, early on, that the majority of NOx produced in the combustion process are thermal related and could be greatly reduced by lowering the peak flame temperatures. Experimentation and implementing of techniques and concepts such as applying flue gas, staging fuel, proper air distribution, flame stability and the strategic placement of fuel-rich and lean zones in the combustion process has been key in our burner development.

Today we continue to hone and optimize our burner technology with our ongoing research and development program.

Building on the past though the evolution of proven designs plus input from our ongoing research and development program yields today’s highly refined, low-pressure drop, low NOx burner designs that uses lean core fuel staging technology and / or a highly efficient induced flue gas recirculation system.