Industrial Burner Retrofit/Replacement


Are you considering replacing your existing burner due to one or more of the following reasons?

  • Emission Compliance – Low NOx & CO Regulations
  • Fuel Conversion – Changing From Solid Fuel To Gas or Oil
  • Fuel Add – New Fuel Source
  • Safety & Reliability Issues – Upgrade Aged & Worn Equipment
  • Non-Supported Equipment – Unavailable/Unaffordable Parts & Service
  • Poor Performance – Inefficient Combustion

Regardless of the reason you require a burner retrofit, contact Faber first.  Put Faber’s knowledge, experience, and reputation to work for you.  Our practical no-nonsense approach to providing combustion solutions eliminates the confusion and hassle associated with proper combustion equipment selection.  Investing in a Faber high quality, high performance, and user-friendly custom-engineered industrial fuel-burning system ensures a successful retrofit project and pays dividends over the life of the equipment.

Faber Specializes In Industrial Fuel-Burning Systems For Firing Liquid & Gaseous Fuels

The design flexibility and the modular nature of our fuel-burning systems allows our equipment to be applied to nearly any fired application, regardless of make, model, age, or design.


Make Retrofitting Easier, Getting You Back in Operation Sooner

Faber burners are available either fully assembled or in modules.  Many “tight-quarters” retrofits benefit from modules, which substantially reduces installation cost.  Additionally, all electrical and mechanical subsystems functions are thoroughly tested in our shop prior to shipping, reducing your turnaround time.

An important consideration in retrofitting an existing furnace is flame geometry.  Unlike many other burners, the Faber Low NOx burner design provides true flame shaping capabilities.  Straight forward register adjustment allows the combustion air degree of swirl to be effortlessly changed to tailor the flame to the furnace minimizing optimization time and eliminating flame compatibility issues.

Preferred by Operators and Contractors

Purchasing a burner is probably something you do infrequently.  It can be difficult to make a selection with suppliers pushing exaggerated claims, flashy paint schemes, and “high-tech” designs.

Before selecting a burner, call us.  We will put you in touch with equipment operators who live with them day in and day out.  They will explain to you why they prefer a Faber Burner.

The Faber Burner has strong competitive guaranteed performance, while at the same time, saving you maintenance headaches.

Unlike intricate “high-tech” designs, our burners are user and maintenance friendly. We strive to use standard industry components wherever possible, which translates to savings for you. Replacement parts are significantly less expensive than more complex burners.

We recommend talking to contractors, someone who installs, services and maintains low NOx burners repeatedly. What you’ll hear is that they prefer Faber, for its

  • Simplicity
  • Rugged Construction
  • Reliable performance
  • Value
  • Low Maintenance Cost