Burner Management Systems (BMS)

Burner Management Systems (BMS) ensure the safe operation of combustion equipment.  They are designed to safely start, monitor, and shut down the combustion process.  Our safety systems comply with NFPA, IRI, FM, or your own stringent requirements for single or multiple burners burning single or multiple liquid and gaseous fuels.

For New or Used Burners or to Upgrade and Replace Obsolete Systems

What is a Burner Management System (BMS)?

Burner Management Systems (BMS), also referred to by some as flame safeguard systems, ensure safe operation and control of combustion equipment.  The BMS starts the burner in the proper sequence by purging the combustion chamber of gas, lighting the pilot, and opening the main gas or oil valves.  During operation the BMS monitors the main burner flame and interrupts fuel flow if the flame is not detected.  The BMS continually monitors burner operation when it is on-line, and goes into standby during down time.  During every startup, the BMS will check for safe operating conditions.  If any of these conditions are not met, the BMS will halt the startup sequence and alert the operator of the unsafe conditions.

The Benefits of a Burner Management System

The Burner Management System protects against damage to your combustion equipment and surrounding areas by preventing explosions or other undesirable events.  In many operating facilities, combustion equipment such as burners, boilers, and furnaces are operation critical, posing challenges to safe and reliable operation.  Burner management systems provide safe and reliable operating conditions in addition to the following benefits:

  • Increases personnel safety
  • Burner/furnace protection – replacement costs and downtime are very costly
  • May qualify for lower insurance premiums resulting from compliance with applicable industry standards such as NFPA, IRI and FM
  • Reduce start-up costs because our systems are fully assembled, programmed, and thoroughly tested for field installation
  • Simplify unit operation with annunciation, alarm notification, and operator help messages.
  • Enhanced communication and reporting capabilities

Sole Source Responsibility

Our customers have found that getting the burner management system directly from the manufacturer that makes the burner equipment saves time, trouble, and money.  As a combustion equipment manufacturer, safety is our number one concern.  No one knows more about the safety of controlling and sequencing a Faber Burner than we do.  We can ensure compatibility with our burner equipment, and in the event of a problem, we’re here to help.

Although Faber is willing and able to customize a BMS to the customer’s needs, we have worked hard to develop a robust set of systems that we are familiar with, have extensively tested, and support on a regular basis.  We use only field-proven devices that have demonstrated reliability and user-friendliness, and keep our standard offerings in stock so that we can service your systems quickly and accurately.