Faber Burner Company

Who We Are

Since 1926, the Faber name has stood for quality, performance, and value worldwide. Our focus is providing outstanding products that are user-friendly, well-built, and reliable. Our goal is to deliver exceptional service and results. By investing in our employees and manufacturing process, we are able to efficiently produce premium products, at our facility in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, at an exceptional value. Ongoing product improvement, through the evolution of proven designs and the implementation of innovative technology, ensure our customers are investing in the very best combustion equipment available and will reap the benefits for decades to come.

Our Products

Faber Burner Company manufactures world-class combustion equipment and systems for industrial, commercial, and utility markets. Faber provides solutions for controlling, igniting, and firing liquid and gaseous fuels in boilers and process furnaces. We specialize in custom engineered packaged combustion systems with single burner capacities of 10 to 300 MMBTU/hr, as well as multi-burner applications.

Our Philosophy

We Are Family Owned – Faber Burner Company is a streamlined and efficiently operated business that possesses values and traits associated with a family owned company where employees are passionate about their work and genuinely care about what they do. Our company structure allows us to be reactive and adaptive to customer needs and market demand.

We Invest in Continuous Development – As a company we believe strongly in re-investing in the company. We continually seek to improve our burner technology, employees skill levels and manufacturing process. Faber embraces innovative technologies, including Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD), 3D and physical modeling, our robotic welding station, plasma burn table, and ever-growing database of accurate empirical emissions data.

We Value Relationships – We strive to build mutually beneficial long lasting relationships with customers, vendors, representatives, and our employees.  We feel a key measure of success is by customer satisfaction. When a customer can be added to a reference list we know we have done our job. Delivering world-class products and services teamwork with our employees, representatives, and quality vendors is essential to the way we do business.