Type PPI (Propane)

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Faber’s PPI-268 portable propane ignition system is designed to ignite your forced draft burner if your existing pilot system fails due to component failure or loss of natural gas service. In the time it takes your boiler to re-purge, this unit can be removed from the charger and placed in position to light your burner. The button-activated handheld pilot fits down the sight port of any burner with a 2-1/2” I.D. or larger sight port. The PPI-268 delivers up to 268,000 BTU/Hr. heat input (enough to ignite the main oil flame on a typical forced draft burner) and will stay lit when exposed to burner throat velocities of up to 6,000 feet-per-minute. This unit is hand held and completely self contained. The ignition source is powered by a 12 volt battery and the igniter is fueled by a 14.1 oz disposable propane bottle. Each 14.1 oz propane bottle contains enough fuel for 8 “light-offs” at full pilot capacity.


Heat Input 268,000 BTU/Hr. Max. (Adjustable)
Pilot Length 5 ft.
Pilot Weight 12 lb.
Fuel Propane, (1) – 14.1 oz. bottles
Battery 12V – rechargeable
Charger 1 Amp Smart Charger/Maintainer

Optional Equipment

Hardware Kit to add a 2-1/2” Sight Port to any Burner – Model #R-17-K This kit includes the following: R-17 casting complete with 2-1/2” clear sight glass, Thumb screw, Pivot bolt, and Installation template & instructions.

Tools to Install Sight Port Kit — Model #R-17-T
This kit includes the tools necessary to install the R-17-K sight port kit: Hole Saw, Drill Bit, and Tap.