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Achieve Low NOx emissions in your gas fired process heater or thermal fluid heater without the use of flue gas recirculation (FGR).  Process heaters and thermal fluid heaters are typically located outdoors. In sub-freezing climates, the use of FGR to achieve Low NOx emissions creates many operational headaches and potential safety hazards to the operators of these systems:

  • Dampers ice up and fail to move
  • Igniters ice over and fail to light
  • Ducts fill with ice and eventually the flue gas stops flowing

Faber Burner Company’s VPSSS-SGB burner is the low NOx solution to these issues.  The VPSSS-SGB burner can either be retrofitted into the existing windbox or supplied as a complete packaged system.

Faber Burner Company’s VPSSS-SGB burner is designed specifically to achieve low NOx emissions while firing fuel gas without the use of FGR. This burner utilizes two stage fuel gas combustion and high internal flue gas recirculation rates to yield extremely low NOx, CO and VOC emissions.  The resulting flame is long and narrow to fit the furnace of the thermal fluid or process heater. Click on the image to learn more about the VPSSS-SGB Low NOx burner.

The VPSSS-SGB burner offers the owners of gas fired process heaters or thermal fluid heaters many advantages:

  • No flue gas recirculation required for low emission operation
  • Low NOx, CO, VOC and particulate emissions
  • Heavy Duty, rugged, dependable and reliable design
  • 10:1 Turn down ratio
  • Low combustion air side pressure drop (typically less than 5 inches of water)
  • Low fuel gas pressure supply requirements (typically less than 5 psig)
  • Easily retrofitted to existing equipment
  • Readily customized
  • Can be configured to fire up to three fuels

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