Conventional & Alternative Fuels

Specializing In Liquid & Gaseous Packaged Combustion Systems

  • High Performance Low Emission Burners
  • Single Burners from 10 to 300 MMBTU/Hr. and Multi-Burner Applications
  • Single Fuel, Dual Fuel and Tri-Fuel Burners. Independent or Simultaneous Firing
  • Conventional and Alternative Fuels
    • Liquid Fuels: Bio-diesel, Blends, Crude, Diesel, Ethanol (E85), Fatty Acids, Grease, Heavy Oils, Jet Fuel, Kerosene, Light Oils, Grease, and Waste Oils
    • Gaseous Fuels: Biogas, Coke Oven Gas, Digester Gas, Hydrogen Gas, Landfill Gas, Natural Gas, Propane Gas, Refinery Gas, and Waste Gases
  • Applications
    • Any New or Existing Package or Field Erected Boiler Including: Firetube, Fluid Bed, Recovery, Refuse, and Solid Fuel Boilers
    • For High Temperature Hot Water Generators and Process Heaters
    • For Kilns, Ovens, Incinerators, and Dryers