Specialty Burners

Since 1926, Faber has been providing combustion solutions to meet the needs of market demand. As a pioneer of fuel burning technology, solving problems to increase reliability, reducing operating costs, and addressing environmental issues has become second nature. Let Faber put their experience to work for you. Faber provides specialty burners to meet application specific fuel burner needs. Some examples include: start-up burners, air heaters, warm-up guns, biogas guns, and waste gas guns.

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  • Startup Burners

    Startup Burners / Fluid Bed Burners

    We offer overbed and underbed startup burners for warm-up and combustion stability of circulating fluidized bed (CFB) and bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) boilers. Our startup burners are engineered to provide low NOx and CO emissions, high turndown ratio, and excellent flame stability with quality that will withstand the harsh environment of fluidized bed boilers. Our customers have experienced excellent results with our proven startup burner design. We have provided over 50 successful installations since 1980.

  • Gas Guns

    Gas Guns / Spuds

    With Faber custom gas guns and spuds, existing burner systems can be retrofit to take advantage of available alternative fuel sources. Faber has helped numerous customers reduce their energy costs by providing combustion solutions and strategies to fire fuels such as digester gas, landfill gas, and waste gas streams. Our gas guns and spuds are custom-engineered to provide our clients with an eco-friendly, cost effective alternative to replacing their existing systems, ultimately saving our customer money year after year.

  • custom combustion burner

    Custom Combustion Equipment

    We work with our customers to develop fuel-burning solutions that cater to their individual design requirements and unique needs. Over the years we have been highly successful in designing custom-engineered burners that fire nearly any liquid or gaseous fuel in refuse boilers, recovery boilers, kilns, dryers, furnaces, and process heaters. We apply our proven technology to every tailored combustion solution we build.