Type AT Oil Gun

Type AT Oil Gun – Low pressure air atomized

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Faber’s low pressure air atomized oil guns fire light or heavy oils when no atomizing steam is available. High turndown rates are achievable with very low atomizing air flow consumption. Atomization media pressure requirements at full capacity range from 25 to 40 psig.

  • Heat input range .25 to 2.0 MMBTU/Hr.
  • Used in our low capacity oil igniters or for waste fuel combustion


  • Heat input range 0.5 to 2.0 MMBTU/Hr.
  • Used as our low capacity oil igniters, or for waste fuel combustion
  • Air atomized
  • Designed for fuels with a viscosity of 35 to 50 ssu
  • Optional clean out valve assembly P/N B5
  • 20 psig oil pressure at 15 gph #2 oil flow, 15 to 20 psig atomizing air pressure supplied at a constant pressure